Lucy Bland

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Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Lucy Bland lets the rain inspire their music rather than drown them out. Channeling those long winters and rainy days into each opus, Lucy Bland combines delicate drops of sound into a deluge that is indie, folk, and electronic all at once.



Brownsky Rewrites

From the first beats of Rewrites to the last languid instrumental breath, this EP brings a fresh take on the warm sounds this band has constructed in the past. Focusing on two previously recorded tracks, the band has deconstructed and reconstructed six new arrangements, each one different from the next, previous, and original. And, alongside the remixes is a high energy version of Iron & Wine's “Sunset Soon Forgotten”.

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Down to Sea Level

“Lucy Bland's debut, full-length release, Down to Sea Level, is a soul-warming balm for the endlessly rainy days of their hometown Seattle, Wash. Delicate, electronic beeps and pops mingle with melodic strings and singer Cat Biell's cozy vocals. It's the sonic equivalent of lazing in a gently swaying hammock, under a cloudless day at the beach.” Robin Hilton, NPR

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First Recital

“… really really really cool debut EP” John Richards, KEXP
“Music is rarely this pleasurable, meaningful, and soothing on tracks like "Centuries" and the Suzanne Vega-ish "Streaker." A very charming debut EP.” Three Imaginary Girls

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